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In this tough economy, we get tough on people who owe money to our clients.

Past Due Support

Are you owed child or spousal support?  We help you collect the money you deserve.

Probate Law

With decades of experience, we can help walk you through the complex probate process.


If you are facing a complex legal dispute, we can help represent your rights in a lawsuit.

Mr. Fuller’s clients value his services.  Listen to what they have to say.

Arizona attorneys trust Michael Fuller with their collection matters.  Listen to what they have to say.

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Over 3 Decades of Experience

Highly Qualified Attorney at Law

Passionate and Personable Representation

Genuine Interest in Accomplishing Your Goals at the Lowest Cost to You

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michael5In 1988, I started my own firm in Phoenix without any clients, but with a steadfast commitment to practice law consistent with my own ideals and personality. I treat each client with the respect and sensitivity that he or she deserves.

I listen carefully to learn each client’s concerns not only so that I can be totally familiar with his or her matter, but also because I take a sincere, personal interest in every client. I strive to provide each client with a practical, cost effective solution to his or her legal issue.

Caring for Your Legal Needs

I provide my clients with the highest quality of legal services. Every new challenge is addressed by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each course of action.

My legal fees are fair, reasonable, predictable and affordable.

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My husband and I hired Michael J. Fuller to collect a 1.65 million-dollar-judgment. A judgment that we thought was probably not collectable. I was extremely impressed with Mr. Fuller’s preparation and presentation of our case in the courtroom. We have had to hire attorneys several times in the past. I also worked as a court reporter for almost two decades and have seen more attorneys in the court than I can count. I can honestly say that Mr. Fuller is the best of the best. Mr. Fuller was able to collect our judgment in full. We feel privileged to have been represented by such an amazing attorney.