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"I have been working with attorney Fuller for over a decade and as one of over 150 attorneys who do my work across the U.S. I can confidently say that he is by far one of my best attorneys!
In today’s business world you need legal counsel to be flexible, fast, accurate in filings and reporting and you need counsel to be ahead of the curve. Attorney Mike Fuller is all these things and more. It is always good to be able to work with a real professional!"
— J.D.

N.R. I wanted to thank you for your prompt attention in our eviction matter.
While I understand everyone must get paid for their time ...  I feel I saw a shred of humanity in you that most lawyers lack. I hope that every once in a while when the world has blessed you with success that you take a moment to remember your very important role in society and that sometimes doing the “right” thing is more important than anything else. Best of luck in all your life endeavors.
— N.R.

P.R. To hire Mr Fuller is to do yourself the greatest service. Mr Fuller is an exceptional lawyer. He is a great listener, he knows how to get to the heart of the problem, dissect it, explore options, explains his grasp of the situation to his client in a very honest and practical manner, and then finds the optimum solution. His clients’ satisfaction is his driving force. This is evident in his mannerism, and his questioning. Mr Fuller is a lawyer who is knowledgeable, and passionate about the law,and the joy its implementation can bring. His decisions are centered on your interest.
— P.R.

L.F. & R.F. For practically a full year, our neighborhood had been “terrorized” by a new neighbor’s pets. The dog barking in particular was extreme, to say the least. After countless attempts to solve this ongoing problem through the required proper channels with no reprieve, my husband and I decided to retain Michael J. Fuller. We were extremely impressed with Mr. Fuller’s presentation of our case in the courtroom. The manner and ability in which Mr. Fuller marshaled the facts and presented such a strong and compelling case to the judge was of the highest level of skill. His quickness to assimilate new facts as they evolved and pursue new avenues to establish a basis for our cause of action was remarkable. Mr. Fuller’s preparation and responsiveness continued to keep the defendants off-balance. Mr. Fuller was successful in attaining a very favorable judgment for us in the amount of $8340 along with the additional court costs. The incessant barking has ended. Who would have thought that dog barking would have led to so long a process for solution and caused so much anguish? We are so happy we can finally put this behind us and move on. This has taken a tremendous toll on my husband and me physically, financially and emotionally. Knowing that we were being represented by the best attorney made it extremely reassuring for us. We thank Michael so much for helping us to reclaim our lives back. A weight has been lifted. We are pleased to refer Michael J. Fuller to anyone who may be in need of an outstanding attorney! Without a doubt he is the best!
— L.F. & R.F.

W.M. Esq. I have associated with Michael on a particular case and was able to observe his professionalism and hard work which led to a successful conclusion. I use Michael as a “go to” source when I have a technical legal question.
— W.M. Esq.

F.R. Mike Fuller has proven to be a first-rate lawyer and become a friend during a long, complex and occasionally bizarre inheritance case in which I served as personal representative. From beginning to end, Mike’s legal advice was timely, sound and to the point; his recommendations to hire a handwriting expert turned the judgment in the case in the estate’s facor, and his accessibility in responding to my frequent concerns as new and often unexpected information unfolded was always prompt, helpful and reassuring. Were the needs to again arise, I would choose Michael J. Fuller to represent my legal interests. As an educator and former journalist, I have found Mike Fuller to be a most gifted lawyer and a genuinely good and caring person. Thanks, Mike!
— F.R.

L.L. I hired Michael J. Fuller to collect on a debt owed to me. Michael Fuller is an outstanding lawyer that you can trust to best represent your interests. He kept me informed and aware of my legal situation and helped me through what could have been a bad situation. He is very professional and well-connected man! He did a wonderful job for me! I had total confidence in Michael Fuller in handling my legal needs. And the results always worked out in a timely and very satisfactory manner. I would choose to make him my first call if I require an attorney again. B.M. After relocating to Mesa Arizona and starting a new job, my new employer was served with a garnishment order for 25% of my wages. This garnishment was ordered to repay a $52.000.00 judgement to a collection law firm out of Tucson Arizona, that had been entered without any prior contact by this firm, or any notice from the courts to me! I contacted Michael Fuller and explained the situation to him, and that I had very limited funds to pay him with due to the garnishment. Mr. Fuller took my case with very little down, and reasonable monthly payments. Not only did he stop the garnishment, and reverse the judgement, but actually went after this law firm and recovered all his legal fees, which resulted in him returning most of the money I had paid him to me. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Thank you Michael Fuller for you assistance in this matter. I would not hesitate to use your firm should I have any legal issues in the future, or to recommend you to anyone I know!
— L.L.

D.R. Wow! It’s been 17 years since you were assigned as my public defender. I don’t expect you to remember me, but I sure remember you Mr. Fuller you have made such an impact in my life that I will never forget you. I want you to know that I am so grateful for all your time, hard work, and effort that you put into my case. Without your help I may not have gotten my little boy back. Thank you for not giving up on me. It’s because of you, I got to see my son grow up to be the young man he is today. Thank you for giving me the confidence, and the realization that my life was, and still complete with my son in it. I have enclosed a picture of my son who’s now 17 years old and soon to graduate from High School, and heading to college to become an Engineer.
— D.R.

W.R. My name is Wendy and I have a story to tell. About 5 years ago I was hit by a drunk driver. The damage to my car wasn’t that extensive. The damage to me was quite the opposite. My back was wracked. The left side of my brain and body was sprained. I had a liquid sack on my eye. I eventually ended up with fibromyalgia and the worst thing, because my immune system was non-existent, I was getting valley fever. I was so sick, I couldn’t get out of bed for two and a half years. It ended up that I had to have lung surgery. Now that was the negative side of the story. The positive side is that I had good lawyers. They fought for me and got me a settlement amount of $100,000.00. Thats not all. They also went after the bar that served the man that hit me for serving him too much alcohol. We won the case so the judge awarded me a $200,000.00 judgment. The problem is it seemed the judgment might be uncollectible. The owner of the bar and his attorneys ignored my attorneys calls and letters. Finally, after it seemed all hope was lost, my attorney got in touch with a collection attorney named Michael J. Fuller. He fought on my behalf for months but no response from the bar owner. Mr. Fuller came up with an excellent idea to send someone to lock the owner out of the bar. Boy, did that get his attention. Suddenly, the bar owner and his attorneys wanted to negotiate. I am so grateful to Mr. Fuller for fighting for me and not giving up. The extra money that comes in is really needed. Its given me the strength to get healthier and go back to school, and then, work. Thanks Mike Fuller, for giving me the chance to start over.
— W.R.

C.D. Six months ago I was awarded a $115,000 judgment and needed a collection attorney. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found Michael Fuller. Among the many things which impressed me while working with Mr. Fuller were his efficiency and timely response to my questions. He was always proactive in keeping me apprised of all developments in my case and clearly outlined the current facts and options, allowing me to make informed decision on how to proceed. Finally, Mr. Fuller was extremely knowledgeable, clever and determined in collecting my deserved judgement. It was a tremendous pleasure working with Mr. Fuller.
— C.D.

R.H. I want to express my gratitude for your professionalism and timeliness in settling my case. I was unsure how this would go before I decided to bring this matter before an attorney, but once you took control I had no doubt in my mind we would come out with a positive outcome, which we did. Thanks again, and if I ever need the help of an attorney, I will be sure to use your services in the future.
— R.H.

J.H. I hired Michael J Fuller to collect on a small judgement. I did not think that he would put as much time in on this case as he would with a judgment much larger. Boy was I wrong. Not only did he treat it just as important as one much larger, but he kept me informed all the way, let me know what my options were and was timely in all of his actions. I hired Michael based upon this saying on his website, “You want the debtor to think of you before he goes to bed at night and when he wakes up in the morning.” This is exactly what he does. When you get screwed over by another party and they are refusing to pay, Michael understands this and I do not doubt that my Judgment Debtor goes to sleep with me on his mind each night. I highly recommend Michael J Fuller to anyone in need of collection issues. His 30 years of experience have shown me that he is worth much more than the amount he is collecting for me. Thanks Michael!
— J.H.

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